Sai Honig, CISSP, CCSP (Nova Zelândia)

Can we stop thinking in Squares? It Might Help with Recruiting for Information Security!

In addition to daily new threat pathways into our systems and services, information security, as a profession is facing a threat pathway that can be better managed and possibly avoided.  This threat pathway is the global shortage of staff.  Much has been discussed about increasing diversity by including more women.  Although these efforts are laudable, they may not be enough.  We may need to diversify our thinking in order to find more candidates to fill vacancies, succession planning and retirements.  This talk will look at three very different organisations and how they are approaching recruitment by thinking “outside the square”.


Originally from the United States, Sai now resides in New Zealand.
Sai is a multipotentialite who has worked in differing roles in various industries. She has experience in governance, audit and operations of IT. Her industrial experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Sai has volunteered for Grameen Foundation assisting their global efforts in microfinance and alternative methods of assisting those to access capital in order to improve their lives, their families and their communities.

Sai’s proudest moment was when her volunteer efforts were recognized with The President’s Volunteer Service Award in May 2013.

Moving to New Zealand in 2014, Sai has worked in a hospital system serving a mostly rural community. One project she was involved with is the implementation of a cloud-based virtual health service.
Sai’s interest in cloud technologies has led to her contributing a chapter on cloud governance in “The Cloud Security Ecosystem: Technical, Legal, Business and Management Issues” and participation in writing various white papers.

Sai is a security advisor for cloud-based accounting software company, Xero, in Wellington, New Zealand.

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