Maxli B. Campos, CISSP, CEH
Cybersecurity Analist
Cyber Defence Command (ComDCiber), Brazilian Army

Protection of critical infrastructures: treating vulnerabilities, threats and risks

The purpose of the presentation is to address general aspects of cyber security in an industrial environment, identifying and defining current vulnerabilities, threats and risks in the computer systems and technology that integrate the manufacturing areas and determine the actions that should be adopted to reduce risk levels through the development and implementation of an Industrial Cyber Security Plan (PSCI).
Learning objectives:
1. As a second approach, the presentation will seek to identify and define risks, vulnerabilities and threats that may compromise critical infrastructure and what steps need to be taken to mitigate or reduce the threat layer.
2. The third objective will be presented the aspects that should be addressed in an Industrial Cyber Security Plan (PSCI), in order to determine the actions that should be taken to reduce the levels of risk in an industrial environment.